On August 29, 2013, the Federal Division of Justice issued a memorandum stating it can proceed to depend on state and native authorities to deal with marijuana exercise by enforcement of state narcotics legal guidelines. However, in gentle of recent state legal guidelines permitting for possession of a small quantities of marijuana and regulating manufacturing, processing and sale of marijuana, the Division designated eight standards to information state regulation enforcement. States should (1) forestall the distribution of marijuana to minors; (2) forestall income from the sale of marijuana from flowing to felony enterprises; (three) forestall the diversion of marijuana from states the place it’s authorized to states the place it’s unlawful; (four) forestall marijuana exercise from getting used as a canopy for the trafficking of different unlawful medicine; (5) forestall violence and the usage of firearms within the cultivation and distribution of marijuana; (6) forestall drugged driving and the exacerbation of different hostile public well being penalties related to marijuana use; (7) forestall the expansion of marijuana on public lands; and (eight) forestall marijuana possession or use on federal property. Within the occasion that the Federal Authorities determines that States will not be adhering to such standards, the Federal Authorities reserves its proper to problem State legal guidelines. The Feds did not say how any of that was to be achieved. They merely mentioned the states ought to try this. However Florida has apparently been trying the opposite approach.

The New Legislation

In passing CS/CS/SB 1030, Florida has missed some key points. Contemplate, as an illustration, the brand new regulation, which has the next options:

It makes “low-THC hashish” authorized when prescribed by a medical physician or osteopathic doctor for a affected person who has sure medical circumstances. Which circumstances? Most cancers, seizures, extreme or persistent muscle spasms. Appears clear sufficient. Here is the place the Florida Legislature determined to go off track-

A affected person is taken into account certified to obtain this remedy if (amongst different issues), the affected person is a everlasting resident of Florida and the physician determines that the dangers of ordering the pot are affordable. How does a doctor decide if the affected person is a everlasting resident? Is there any safety for making that call in good religion? Nope. How does a doctor make the reasonableness willpower? Is the research of marijuana edibles for sale use even a part of the medical college curriculum? No.

Surprisingly, the Florida Medical Affiliation and the Florida Osteopathic Medical Affiliation have duty, beginning October, 1, 2014, to teach prescribing physicians by way of an eight hour training course. How the Legislature determined to allocate that perform to the FMA and FOMA, why they even need that job (past accumulating non dues revenues) and the way the drafters got here up with eight hours (does that embrace water and toilet breaks?) is a surprise. And the way such coaching pertains in any respect to the every day medical follow of the physicians taking such a course can also be absent. Can an orthopedist do it? Positive. What a couple of pathologist? You guess. A dermatologist? No drawback. Why would a profitable, working towards doctor determine to pursue this new path? How is that the “highest and greatest use” for an excellently skilled heart specialist, household practitioner or anesthesiologist? Assessing a affected person with most cancers or who has terrible seizures who may profit from medical marijuana requires not more than an eight hour course? I assumed it required coaching in inner drugs, neurology and… most cancers. So, is that this a medically, clinically pushed regulation designed to assist folks in want or one which simply makes positive everybody will get their piece of the pie? It appears to overlook the mark.

Medical Marijuana Problem in Florida: One Huge Pot Gap

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