What would you do if I advised you that there’s an edible seed that has extra Omega three fatty acids than recent salmon, extra fiber than oatmeal, 100% soluble protein, sufficient antioxidants that it rejects deterioration and might be disregarded for lengthy intervals with out turning rancid and has a posh mineral make-up? Sound too good to be true? Effectively, it is 100% true and it is discovered within the Chia seed.

That is proper, who would have ever thought that the seed that produces the Chia Sprout (I.E Chia Pet) would have superb well being advantages.

Historical past?

Chia is abundantly grown in Mexico. The seeds have been a principal a part of the Aztec and Mayan diets. In truth, researchers consider Chia seeds was the primary ration for the Aztec warriors. One tablespoon of Chia seed was believed to take care of a warrior for 24 hours at a time. Principal Well being Advantages: Wealthy in Omega three Fatty Acids (700% greater than wild Salmon) Wealthy in Antioxidants Wealthy in Fiber (100% extra fiber than oatmeal) Wealthy in minerals equivalent to calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, molybdenum, niacin and zinc organic kombucha.


As we’ve got mentioned in previous posts, detoxing is a necessary a part of the fats loss course of. Chia is so wealthy in antioxidants that it immediately begins to cleanse your system whereas the fiber content material helps hold you common so you possibly can effectively get rid of the toxins. Researchers have additionally discovered an attention-grabbing element to the chia’s response with liquid. When the seeds are added to water they kind a gel sort consistency. This course of additionally occurs within the abdomen which slows the method by which carbohydrates are damaged down into sugar. This provides your physique extra time to make use of the carbohydrates for vitality.

How do I eat Chia?

I’ve been very lucky. Chia has now been mixed with my different favourite superfood, Uncooked Kombucha Tea made by GT Synergy Drinks. This mix yields a “tremendous tremendous” meals evidently. When the diet worth of Kombucha and Chia are mixed check out the superior dietary profile:

Chia Seeds – New Superfood?

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